Trident Deception
Rick Campbell

(381 pages)

Reviewer: Robert Grimm

Overall Rating: Four Stars: Highly recommended. An excellent book.

All together a gripping almost true to life adventure.  One really has to wonder if these things might really happen.   IN the book, “The Enemy Below” the stressed out weps asks the CO, “what will you do if he fires a torpedo?”  CO says, “if he fires on, I’ll fire one”.  Overstressed torpedo tech says, “Fire one, aye”, and he did.

Good character development, lots of surprises, twists and turns, yet human nature prevails.  This tin can-snipe-CPO is glad to see decent credit given to the snipes.

However, tin can snipe Chiefs are given to pick fly specs out of pepper.

1.  Pgs. 44-45, in a drill, a fuel oil fire is fought with water.  Author evidently spent no time at a shipboard fire fighting school.  Water is the most deadly thing to use on an oil fire.

2.  Several mentions of a Cruiser.  The Navy did away with Cruisers at least 15 if not 20 years ago.

3.  The Helm and E.O.T. people are not the same, on Kentucky they were one person.  NOT likely.

4.  Pg. 272 @ Big Sur, mention of Hwy. 1.  A check with AAA, etc. shows Hwy. 1 going from Key West to the northern border of Maine.  Think he meant US 101, aka PCH?


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