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DD787 George Lewicke YN2 10/58 - 1/62 piatia68 (AT)  
DD-787 Michael Adams DC3 1962-1966 Mykaladamz (AT) I didn't do it! But I was there!
DD-787 Richard Ahlberg SK3 12/66-11/68 rick45mn (AT)  
DD-787 Harry T. Albrecht GM 49-53 My dad was in the Navy during the Korean War - he would love to hear from some shipmates
DD-787 Rayford Albritton RM2 10/48 - 8/52 rayalbritton30 (AT) would like to hear from shipmates, especially radiomen
DD-787 Dan Anderson BT3 1971-1973 danderson (AT) Did it's last westpac and was there for the sale to Taiwan
DD-787 John W. Armstrong BT2 1958 to 1962 btcmsw (AT)  
DD-787 Joseph Arnold SM2 10/68-7/72 goldenbear788 (AT) great ship and fond memories,sm1 roya was the best lpo.
DD-787 Richard Atwell SN 8/61 to 3/62 richardatwell (AT)  
DD-787 Bruce Bade LT 3/72-3/73 bruce.bade (AT) Alexandria, VA, retired from Navy and retired as Senior Executive in Office of the Secretary of Defense
DD-787 Dave Baize STG2 1966-1968 WB7TPI (AT) Actual first name James. Not totally sure of dates.
DD-787 Max Barbee EM3 1970 to 1973 maxbarbee (AT) Would love to hear from any of my BT buddies or R division sparkies.
DD-787 John W. Beames GMT2 1971 to 1974 laserbeames (AT) Best Ship in the Fleet.
DD-787 Donald Beery BM ?- 1957 Deceased Passed away in 2007 in Clarinda, LA.
DD-787 David R. Beeskau RD3 1963-1965 drbeeskau (AT)  
DD-787 Norman Benito HM2 10/51to 7/54 Norman Benito (AT) Remember being hit Wonsan Harbor April 1953?
DD-787 Chester Bennett SO3 1952 to 1956 ccb (AT) E-mail if you were there then
DD-787 James Benson SN 02/57-10/59 james.benson (AT) would like to connect with anyone from the torpedo gang from'57-'59
DD-787 Jim Bracken HM2 04/71 - 04/73 jbracken (AT) Anybody know where BT3 Leon Chase Is?
DD-787 David Brennan PN3 11/57-5/60 dbrennan (AT) Would enjoy hearing from those who served on the Kyes in the late 50s.
DD-787 William (Bill) Broadfoot SOM2 7/48-49 widefoot2 (AT)  
DD-787 David Brooks BT3 1971 to 1973 brooks1953 (AT)  
DD-787 Larry Brown MM3 71 to 73 573-221-5126 did duty in aft bt,then aft[known as lower level br
DD-787 Mike Burton DC3 11/64 - 8/67 mfburton (AT) Best regards to the crew of the ' 'Jumpin' Jimmy' '
DD-787 Jerry Cable MM3 11/65 to 10/68 jerry_cable (AT)  
DD-787 Guadalupe J. (Wally) Cabrera SN 2/46-6/46 jgallaher (AT) Plank Owner
DD-787 Lincoln Carr BM/E-4 1971-73 Carrlincoln (AT) Different experience onboard-just off USS New Jersey-still bubbling like tin can in the ocean-Cozumel was crazy
DD-787 Jerald Carry E-4 1959-1962 Spidercarry (AT) Looking for shipmates still kickin'.
DD-787 David Cole HTFN 1972 stageparrot (AT) would love to hear from any crew that year
DD-787 Bob Connell SK3 1960 to 1962 Robert.Connell (AT)  
DD-787 Dick Cook SM1 7/60-2/62 dcook1 (AT) best crew of my naval career
DD-787 Tom Cooney RD3 2/65 - 5/66 tpc24 (AT) Westpac '65
DD-787 Fred Cothern YNSN 1/55 - 1/56 fcothern (AT) Just fishing
DD-787 Pete Covert ETR3-SG 9/67 - 5/68 petecovert (AT)  
DD-787 Bill Craft BM3 1953 to 1958 harleygrl59 (AT) looking for shipmates for my dad...... Capt. Penny?
DD-787 Jeff Dabb STG2 1966-1969 kjdabb (AT)  
DD-787 Dan Dale RD3 1967-68 daledrdan (AT)  
DD-787 Oscar Davis BTFN 71 through 73 oscardavis53 (AT) Best ship in the fleet
DD-787 John Deering S1 2/8/46-6/46 jedacd (AT) She was a great ship and I am a plankowner - 1st crew
DD-787 Glenn Depue RDSN 9/59 - 3/60 depue (AT)  
DD-787 Robert Dickson QMQSN 9/52 - 12/53 rcdickso (AT) Anybody left frm bridge signal gang? Hi to CH J Spicer-we almost bouth the farm in 4/53-any upcoming reunions?
DD-787 Carl Ditton IC3 1961 to 1962 agrumpybear2 (AT)  
DD-787 Charles W. Dixon SN 1955-1959 martinjpjj (AT)  
DD-787 Roger Donnay ET1 1966 to 1969 rogerdonnay (AT) I am the Secretary of the USS James E Kyes Association. Contact me for reunion info or to visit our website.
DD-787 Brian Donnelly BT3 1960/1962 bdonel (AT) ship never missed a commitment during 1960/1962
DD-787 Michael Droll SN 10/68- 6/69 mdroll (AT) corpsman striker
DD-787 Chester Duncan BTFN 1970 to 1973 chesterduncan (AT)  
DD-787 John (Jack) D. Eastman SF1 59-62 jjj (AT) Who could forget two years homeported in Youkoska ?
DD-787 John (Jack) D. Eastman, Sr. SF1 59-62 jackjane (AT)  
DD-787 Fred Ebert FTG3 10/64 - 2/67 frag4649 (AT) Two West-Pac cruises 1965 &1966
DD-787 Jeffrey Edwards MR3 1967-1968 j777edwards (AT) Transfered from thr USS Prairie AD-15 in 1967. Spent the rest of my hitch on the Kyes
DD-787 Robert Edwards BT3 1970-1973 rketcham3 (AT) Say Hi
DD-787 Fred Elam RM3 4/60-4/62 fhe41 (AT) Great memories--would like to hear from any ol' shipmates!
DD-787 Harley Ellis FP3 1949 - 1953 airclaxon (AT)  
DD-787 Anthony Ennis SR 1952 dfleming16 (AT) Wanted to connect.
DD-787 Orville Ergish FTG1 1/69-11/69 oergish (AT) Ahoy
DD-787 Robert Farmer ET2 11/62-3/66 rcfarmer (AT)  
DD-787 Rex R. Faubion SO2 1954-1957 Would like to hear from my ship mates
DD-787 Robert Faulkner RM2 61-62 w6rf (AT) acting chief of RM shack-trans to Army Spec Forces as Green Beret SGT. Vietnam 65-66 Central Highlands Team
DD-787 Milton Ferguson SM3 60-62 spidermilton (AT) served during first two year Westpac deployment
DD-787 Howard Fisher SN/E-3 1960-1962 evans.denise (AT) If anybody new knew dad Howard Fisher.Please contact me.
DD-787 Robert Fivecoat SN 1960 bdfive (AT)  
DD-787 Dennis Fountas SN1 1954 to 1958 ar328ies (AT)  
DD-787 Tom Fox EN3 1968-1970 rustysteelfox (AT) best ship in the fleet, I was very lucky to serve on the jumpin jimmy
DD-787 Robert E. Frasher GMG3 WA DIV 66-68 bobandsallyfrasher (AT) 2 west pacs Awsome ship and awsome crew
DD-787 Lyle Freiberg ETR2 6/1967-1/1970 Freiberg (AT) Great Ship!
DD-787 Thomas Fuentes SH2 11/69 - 3/73 bexar69 (AT) 71 & 72 WestPac Desron 23 retired in 89 in 91 Graduated from nursing school practiced as an RN for 23yrs
DD-787 Mike Gabby BT/IC 1960-1962 gabby92083 (AT)  
DD-787 Felix Garza SK2 1957 to 1960 WHISLEDIXIE1 (AT) would like to hook with anyone within the above years especially those in supply dept.
DD-787 Tom Glickman ET1 8/48-8/51 tomglickman (AT)  
DD-787 Bill Golden FTG3 1966-1968 billgolden (AT) My brother Bo Golden (RD-1-------deceased) served aboard the Jumpin Jimmy. Anyone remembering us email me.
DD-787 Bo Golden RD2 1966-1970 billgolden (AT) Deceased in 1984
DD-787 Bobby Golden EMFN 11/54-08/57 gabgolden (AT) Would like to hear from any shipmates that I served with.
DD-787 Dave Goldner LT(jg) 4/66-8/68 ritagoldner (AT) DCA, MPA
DD-787 Bill Graff SN 05-1963 to 10-63 Wgraff (AT) Only Shipped on the Kyes for a short time,Great Crew
DD-787 Roger Graham SA/E-2 59-63 rogerandrochelle (AT) I was on the helm when we did a 45 roll, and i herd we did a 61 roll in a turn around
DD-787 Robert Grossman SK3 1962-1966? chooulose (AT) My father- deceased 1979. Looking for anyone who knew him or ship life, stories...anything
DD-787 Bill Grother RDSN 10/49-3/50 grother (AT) Thought she was a great ship
DD-787 Ronald Groves BT2 1963 to 1965 rcgroves1480 (AT) Good memories, good shipmates,good ship!
DD-787 Richard Hackler RD3 7/70 - 4/72 lighthouse6828 (AT)  
DD-787 Ronald Hanson IC2 1958-1962 ron52149 (AT) This was the best ship of my caeer great ship and crew.
DD-787 Bob Harris EN3 1964-1967 sanbharris (AT) Looking for MR2 monte john oshea
DD-787 Jack Hart YN2 12/63 - 2/67 hartjb (AT) Squadron Yeoman on the best ship in the Squadron!
DD-787 Raymond (Shaky) Hawn SN 1966 cmdegaris (AT) Looking to hear from old shipmates.
DD-787 Daniel Hebert SOG2 1961-1963 ABEARSEZ (AT) Remember FRAM in Bremerton, Washington.
DD-787 Keith Hedley RD2 2/69 - 7/69 keith.hedley (AT) Change of email address (May'08). Did an abbreviated WestPac. Onboard during the Evans tragedy.
DD-787 Carrel Henderson GM2 6/53-3/57 slimhenderson (AT) looking for shipmates
DD-787 Richard Herman SK3 1969 herm3547 (AT)  
DD-787 Steve Herron BT2 1965 to 1969 steveherron (AT)  
DD-787 Robert Heyward RD3 1966-1969 heyward1968 (AT) 3 West pacs Where are Bob Knowles , Bob Trout ,Lundy Wayne Vallejo Passed away a couple years ago
DD-787 Edward Hills BT2 1965 to1967 chills8074 (AT) served in vet nam on her great experiance
DD-787 Richard Hinspeter MM/E-3 1966 rhinspet (AT) Great group to learn from and be friends with
DD-787 William C. Hopkins MMC 1966 hop1934 (AT)  
DD-787 Bert Howell OS1 06/72-11/72 dew00 (AT)  
DD-787 Dewey Hughes BTC 12/61-4/62 la1dude (AT)  
DD-787 Roger Ice EMFN 1/72 - 1/73 iceman1151 (AT)  
DD-787 Tom Israel GM2 11/57-04/60 yvonnei (AT)  
DD-787 Thomas Jacobs ETN3 2/1971-3/1973 tsjac (AT) Great ship and great times
DD-787 Nelson James SM2 1968-1971 socman (AT)  
DD-787 Johnnie James FT2 5/60 - 4/62 mickey4 (AT) If any one knows the where abouts of David Nelson or Gary Ryser please e-mail me.
DD-787 William Johnson QMS1 9/46-5/48 bjohnson (AT)  
DD-787 Jake Jones FTG2 6/68-12/70 jones62048 (AT) I'd like to hear from weapons division shipmates
DD-787 Joseph Kamberger BT3 5/70 to 4/73 jkamberger (AT) Great time on board. Seeking BT's
DD-787 Martin Karrer FTA3 9/55 - 10/56 mkarrer (AT) Still looking for Howard Elsner&Nick Vitalle-wasn't onboard DeHaven but trying to find buddy that was-Roger Laning?
DD-787 Gerald Kelly ENS Nov 71 -Mar 73 forester76 (AT)  
DD-787 Stephen Kelly ET2 12/59-5/62 stephen_kelly (AT)  
DD-787 Jim Kenny FTG3 1963-1699 jakenny1k (AT) trying to find shipmates in gunnery division
DD-787 Jim Kewish SN 3/61-11/64 jimkewish (AT)  
DD-787 Charles Kovak E-3 10/71-10/73 cjkovak (AT) Looking for aft fireroom BT's
DD-787 John Landers RD2 2/66 - 3/68 jvillejohn (AT) A Great life experience
DD-787 Ron Landry SN 1957-1959 ron81x (AT)  
DD-787 Tom Lawcock STG2 12/65-8/69 tom (AT)  
DD-787 Gordon Lee BSWN 1967-1971 catjoe12 (AT)  
DD-787 Richard A. Leslie CSC 12/69-03/71 rleslie (AT) My only destroyer duty so can't compare to others destroyers
DD-787 Ken Lile RD3 11/62 - 12/65 drbeeskau (AT)  
DD-787 Kenneth Lillibridge E-3 2/60-9/61 texken (AT) would like to hear from anyone that remembers me. 512 303 3687
DD-787 Bill Lipps MM2 1955-1956 williamrl1 (AT) aft.engine room, one good ship.
DD-787 Derrin Livesay RM2 3/1966-12/1966 dandp93436 (AT) Would like any info on future reunions.
DD-787 Roger (Country) Livingood EM3 1962-1966 roglow (AT) Did not go to 2013 reunion-have been battling stage 4 non-hogkins lymphoma-like to hear from shipmates
DD-787 Johnny Livingston PC3 3/69-8/69 bsgnatives (AT) Any shipmates that remember me, contact me
DD-787 Robert Lyons SN 11/60-3/62 robertlyons302 (AT)  
DD-787 David E. Mac Morran FN 5/66 to 5/67 namsquid (AT)  
DD-787 Sam Macaluso ETN3 1966-1968 emssamm (AT) An experience to remember, Looking for Jim Miller
DD-787 Jack Madigan SOG3 1958-1960 frgpnd (AT)  
DD-787 Robert D. (Danny) Mann SM3 6/61 thru 1/65 Rmann91723 (AT) Great ship and crew. Would love to do it all over again
DD-787 Wayne Massey CPO 1946-1952 pstille (AT) Wayne was my Dad. I still remember the Santa Claus parties on board for all the kids at Christmas.
DD-787 Gary May SN June 1970 Feb 1972 gmay (AT)  
DD-787 Charles McIntosh BM3 6/52 - 10/55 cwmcintosh1934 (AT) gmail I was in 2nd div called Mac Jig coxwine Trainer Mount 3
DD-787 Gerald McMillan E-2 1972 to 1973 gtm1 (AT) The first ship for me with the best memories. I married the day she was decommissioned.
DD-787 Ray McNamara FTG3 5/65-9/68 tincan787 (AT) Looking for Ken Hamil, Ron Winters and Dick Persiko
DD-787 Randy L. McPherson HT2 Aug. 71 - Feb.73 rlmcpherson (AT)  
DD-787 David Miles LT 7/51 - 7/53 dolphindni (AT) If email problems try dolphindni (AT) (having trouble). Like to hear from shipmates during my time aboard.
DD-787 Bil Miller EN3 54-57 grandpa134 (AT)  
DD-787 Joe Miller RD2 1951-1954 joe (AT) Great memories, great ship
DD-787 Richard Miller BM3 4/61-12/64 bmcmiller5 (AT) retired from US NAVY as a BMCS 9/3/2009
DD-787 Franklin Morehead MM1 10/55-8/62 head333 (AT) 1956 on way to Enewetak Atol,escorting USS Curtiss to Bikini Atol-sonar contact,drop 1 dpth chg-lost contact
DD-787 David Nelson CS3 6/58 - 4/62 dnelsonsr (AT) I will never forget the great times,and all the crew members
DD-787 Christian A. Nelson, Jr. E-3 1971-1973 kunz5 (AT) She went to Taiwan as chanying #12
DD-787 Timothy Newman STG3 68-70 tmnewms (AT)  
DD-787 Eddie (Nick) Nicholson RM3 6/57 - 10/58 mnicholson0519 (AT) looking for shipmates also color picture of ship
DD-787 Gerald (Jerry) Niemann MM2 8/65 - 9/70 gniemann (AT) Best ship I served on my entire career. No finer crew.
DD-787 Robert Noles ETR3 05/67 - 05/70 renoles (AT) Any ET'S, RD's or all others please email.
DD-787 Charles M. Nunneley DK2 1959-1960 nunneleyc (AT)  
DD-787 Montie Ocha MR3 3/5/65-12/20/66 montiejocha (AT)  
DD-787 Bernie Oliver RMSM 8/1958 - 2/1959 oliversfarm1 (AT) I was of the Burke's Boys''. Was sent to the fleet for 6 mos. to train in the Radio Shack then to school.''
DD-787 Donald Oswald QM1 1968-1970 donald_oswald (AT) Had some good times on the Kyes with Bo Golden, Jed Duncan, Don Webb and many more.
DD-787 John Peavy RMSN 9/72-3/73 jpeavy187 (AT) Onboard at end of last WestPac-1 of last ships to depart gunline at end of Vietnam War & later sale to Taiwan.
DD-787 John Pelham, Jr. STGSN 3/71-3-73 JPelhamjr (AT) I hope to hear from the ASW people during 71-73
DD-787 John Perino GMG3 1962 to 1966 l5j (AT) Looking for shipmates that might have cruise books
DD-787 Roger Perkins ET2 8/66 - 8/67 militarytrucks (AT) 66-67 shipmates - drop me a note!
DD-787 William Pilgreen EM3 1947-1954 kyes (AT) Any one in E Division or any one on board ship email me if you have time.
DD-787 Greg Prieur RD2 9/70 - 9/72 greg.prieur (AT)  
DD-787 Greg Prince E-3 10/69-3/71 gpr1nce (AT) What a Bust!!!!
DD-787 Fieldon Pugh MM2 1952 to 1956 philpugh (AT) had a wonderful 4 years,
DD-787 Robert Putney FTG2 01/66-01/70 robert.putney (AT)  
DD-787 Dennis Quigg SM2 1968-1971 dennisquigg (AT)  
DD-787 Dan Renne STG2 6/72-1/73 renned (AT) An experiance I'll never forget! Great shipmates
DD-787 Jack Rice FT3 10/53-9/55 jrice4567 (AT) member of TCS several years
DD-787 Charles Roberts EM3 1967 to 1971 jrbama12 (AT) would like to hear from anyone serving these years. I was in R division
DD-787 Roger Robinson RDSN 5/61 - 4/62 rlrobinson511 (AT) 1st ship. At Yoko. Got off in Bremerton '62 for FRAM. Transferred to Preble.
DD-787 Harry Roeger RD2 10/62 - 5/66 hlr2719 (AT) WestPac 62&65-great guys/ship/times-woke up firs1st morning in Japan (62) to hear JFK had been assassinated.
DD-787 Ray Rummel RM3 1966 - 12/69 rummel at aol. comm  
DD-787 William Schaiberger SK3 1970-1973 schaibergerwilliam (AT) Worked in Supply after deckforce. Like to hear from more of my fellow shipmates!
DD-787 Ken Schaler STGSN 8/65 thru 7/67 k.schaler (AT) Yokuska, Subic, Hong Kong! A lifetime of memories!!!!!
DD-787 Jim Schumacher SK2 1972 to 1973 jimschumacherjr (AT) WesPac 72
DD-787 Jim Schumacher, Jr. SK2 1972-1973 jimschumacherjr (AT) Worked in Supply with Loomis, Lockhart, Schneider, Steve Kelley & Bill Schaiberger-Bill & I hook up each yr now.
DD-787 Kenneth Sells   1973 KSellsI (AT) Want to hear from 1973 os gang.
DD-787 Donald Shevock BT3 1963 1966 11130 Long Lake Dr After Boiler Room t
DD-787 Darwin Sietsema EM3 68-71 pizzamandar (AT) Good ship,good crew ,good times !
DD-787 Lawrence Simmons SN 1948 to 1953 Tokenred (AT) My father, Lawrence, died in 1989. A true sailor, he was.
DD-787 Frank Skiles FC2 1946-6/47 fskiles (AT)  
DD-787 Robert Slogosky ET2 1956-1958 bobjs (AT)  
DD-787 Bob Smith STC 1964 to 1964 duxrow (AT) HongKong - Whew! -
DD-787 Dwight Smith EM3 12/47 to 1/48 smi28 (AT)  
DD-787 Chuck (Charlie) Snyder STG5 1967 - 1971 t.snyder (AT) Lots of memories - Would enjoy hearing from anyone
DD-787 Ersul Sowers BT1 1963 -1964 esowers (AT)  
DD-787 Thomas St. Aubin BTFN 12/71 - 4/73 buttons094 (AT) hi all hope to see you at the reunion in Sept. in s.c.
DD-787 Thomas St.Aubin BTFN 1971-1972 buttons094 (AT) hi all I served with hope to see you at the reunion in sept. In S.C.
DD-787 Galen Stafford GMG3/E-4 1963 to 1964 stffrd (AT) Was privileged to serve 1 WestPac tour on this great ship.
DD-787 Don Stan HT3 71-72 donsunnystanton123 (AT) DC-SF=HT Hey Guys Tin Cans Rule!
DD-787 Walter J. (Jim) Start, Jr. MM1 11/70-12/71 jimstart (AT) #1 & #2 Engine Rooms
DD-787 John (Mike) Steger BMSN 4/60-6/61 stegerracing (AT) PO Box 1299, Benson, AZ 85602 520 586-9526
DD-787 Lester Stephenson IC1 5/72-3/73 lesterstephenson (AT) One of my better Navy experiences in 29 years
DD-787 John Strebel LT(jg) 5/66 - 2/69 johnstrebel (AT) Gunnery Officer, 1st LT
DD-787 Ray Stutz BT3 1965 to 1965 raztuts (AT)  
DD-787 Neil Tackett BT3 3/71 - 3/73 neiltackett (AT) 859-816-3403  
DD-787 Bruce J. Taylor SN 1953 to 1956 btaylor (AT) Radio Operator
DD-787 Bill Thomas RD3 1968 to 1970 bill261 (AT) What a great experience
DD-787 Eugean Thompson HM3 1/50 eandsthompson (AT) anyone still around from them good old days?
DD-787 Pete Townsend PO3 1/70-8/72 peteD.barber (AT) see you at reunion in Charlston, S.C. sept 2015
DD-787 Bob Troutt RD3 5/66-12/68 btroutt (AT) Many years ago and many good memories
DD-787 Herbert Turner TM 9/56 to 11/58 herbt11 (AT) Would like to here from old ship mates and thinking of going to reunion 2015
DD-787 Dennis Van Note ETN3 3/66 - 1/67 dvannote (AT) Fond memories of Hong Kong!
DD-787 Ray (Koonass) Viator ME3 12/55-1/58 rviator (AT) served for naav test --in1956
DD-787 Kurt Volker ETN3 3/62-2/65 ksvolker (AT) Looking for anyone who might have remembered me.
DD-787 Bert Walker MM3 3/62-11/64 bskywalker60 (AT)  
DD-787 Richard Warden IC3 8/67-2/71 rickwarden00 (AT) Will enjoy hearing from all shipmates, any time and any era.
DD-787 John Warren QM3 6/66-6/68 johnpatti6817 (AT) If you e-mail use 787 so I know it is a shipmate............
DD-787 Gary Wayman MR3 1963-1966 GWAYMAN (AT)  
DD-787 Jim Wayman YN2 4/63 - 3/66 jwayman1 (AT) anyone who did not serve on the Kyes missed out on the experience of a lifetime; many fond memories!
DD-787 Donald Webb RM3 10/68-12/69 dwebb (AT)  
DD-787 Kenneth West GM2 52 - 54 jwest (AT)  
DD-787 Ed Westervelt ENS 2/46 to 6/46 scate (AT) Looking for officer roster of ship's shakedown in 1946
DD-787 James Wetmore STG1 1965-1968? mapawetley (AT) I am adding my Father's name to the roster
DD-787 Lloyd Whitmire BT3 10/59-3/62 weiser41 (AT) looking for BT and MM
DD-787 Roger Willeford ETR3 66-67 rwroundtuit (AT) not really sure on the dates but I was discharged in Jan '67
DD-787 Richard Williams FT3 6/68 to 12/69 rmwilliams (AT) looking for johnies, wally, dennis, stabler, glover,
DD-787 Gerald (Jerry) Wilson HM3 9/1966 - 6/1967 jean3600 (AT) Jerry passed away 11/2012. Please contact me if you were on the Kyes with him.
DD-787 Gordon Wilson BTFN 9/57-6/58 ockars (AT) shorttimer, Good Shipmates
DD-787 James Wilthew RM2 1/63-3/65  
DD-787 Don Wolfe EM1 3/65-10/69 Donwolfe1940 (AT) If answering this e-mail, please indicate dd-787
DD-787 Jack D. Yates SN 1957-1958 myates4006 (AT)  
DD-787 Richard Zidrich DC2 10/67-10/70 zid515 (AT) I still remember the morning the Evans was cut in two. One stack just bobbing in the water.
DD-787 Richard Zimmerman E-5 1966 to 1969 rzimmerman (AT) 3 WESTPAC - Vietnam
DDR-787 David Williams LT 5/57-6/58 COMLST1170 (AT) COMDESRON 3 staff Communications Officer

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