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  Frank Yapczenski FC2 1944-45 lydesimone (AT) Looking for anybody from '44-45 who remebers my father ''Yap'' from Carteret, NJ. He died in '71.
DD- John Lambert BT3 1966-1968 jlambert77 (AT) I transfered from tne USS Norris DD 859 on board the Mansfield in Yusuka in 1966.
DD-594/DD-728 Bill McKown     bmckown (AT)  
DD-728 Mario Aguas QMSN 6/64-6/66 marioaguas (AT)  
DD-728 Paul L. Anderson CDR 1/69-9/70 plarao (AT) Commanding Officer; Westpac 9/69-3/70
DD-728 John W. Armstrong BT1 1962 to 1968 btcmsw (AT)  
DD-728 Carl Baumgartner YN1 8/43 - 9/945 eileendtexas (AT) My father-died 10/07-Capt's YN-have his papers,inc final roster,written remembrances-like to share with others
DD-728 Norman Beesley LT(jg) 1962 to1964 jonorm49 (AT) I stayed in YOKO at FTGWestPac while the sailed off to CONUS via New Zealand-retired as CDR frm Naval Res.
DD-728 Jim Benham FT2 1957 to 1960 jtbenham (AT) Visit our Naval museum in Baton Rouge, La. and the destroyer USS Kidd. My treat if you were on 57-60.
DD-728 William Bolen MM2 1962 to 1966 wlbolen (AT)  
DD-728 Sumner (Sam) Bowers FA 7/58 to 4/59 sam.bowers (AT) Boarded Her in Eniwetok, observed a number of A-Bomb test,
DD-728 Richard A. Bowman QM3 1948 - 1950 RBowman866 (AT)  
DD-728 Arthur (Art) Brown BM3 1962-1965 ajbrown67 (AT) Great Ship made some good friends while on board
DD-728 Warren D. Brown STG1 1964 to 1966 wdbrown8 (AT)  
DD-728 Rex Brown SOG2 1960 to 1962 rexmarybrown (AT)  
DD-728 George Bryan SN 1959-1961 BryanG220 (AT)  
DD-728 Michael B. Case SFP3 1963-1965 michaelpandm (AT)  
DD-728 C. L. ''Bud'' Cavender SH2 9/48-5/52 Was aboard during Korean War, Inchon and Mine Blast
DD-728 Larry Chandler BM3 1965 to 1965 djfan02 (AT)  
DD-728 Fred E. Clapp RD2 Jan 1958-Feb. 1961 fclapp (AT)  
DD-728 Don Clark ET2 9/56 - 1/59 dclark11738 (AT) looking for shipmates
DD-728 John Cortright S1 FC 1944-1946 signs (AT)  
DD-728 Bill Costilow SN 1952 - 6/53 bdchoctaw (AT) Transfered to USS Swenson 729
DD-728 Russell Crooks LT(jg) 7/67-6/69 rwc728 (AT) Served when homeported in Yosuka and WesPac deployed
DD-728 Dennis Danaher IC2 4/65 - 7/68 dendanaher (AT) A Great Tin Can
DD-728 Bob Danly STG3 12-65 / 7-67 ?? bobdnly (AT) third division rules / anyone who remembers
DD-728 Alan Dean SK3 9/61 - 9/63 adean (AT) Will be at 2012 reunion in Nashville.
DD-728 Rick DeLay BT3 6/68-8/69 oh_shit888 (AT) Top Gun Desron9// A joy to cruise aboard/Great Shipmates!!
DD-728 William (Red) Dottery RM3 1960 to 1961 dottery (AT)  
DD-728 Terry Dugan BM3 1969-1970 judy101gifford (AT) If you remember this cruise to westpac, contact me.
DD-728 Raymond Edwards SN/FTMRS 1954 to 1958 Olsltdd728 (AT) Still miss the sea and a beautiful grey lady Proud to serve
DD-728 David Faust SO2 7/60-10/61 dwfnfl 51 (AT)  
DD-728 Rick Felty SM3 65-68 Feltyr (AT) Loved the Gray Lady-best destroyer-Top Gun-have semi flags & halyard block from her-loved Yokosuka,Subic,Hong Kong
DD-728 Rich Fichtelman LT 1969 to 1971 RFichtelman (AT) I was the Weapons Officer and recommissioned the ship
DD-728 Paul Fishbein GM/E-4 12/64 - 9/66 fishbein87 (AT) good times
DD-728 Cyril (Cy) Fitterer TE3 6/54-10/54 z5565yx (AT) I was a mailman for a short period-also worked in communications while the ship was in Long Beach in 1954.
DD-728 Floyd Flack SKC 3/64 to 1966 flackfw (AT)  
DD-728 James Frazier MM3 1963 to 1966 1papaj1 (AT)  
DD-728 Richard Freeman DC3 oct 1964 to mid 66 fiddler (AT) I was on the west pac trip,just before Archer got killed
DD-728 James A. Gallagher RD2 4/68-2/71 jpgallagher77 (AT)  
DD-728 William Gatlin GM3 1963 to 1966 TOM25481 (AT) enjoy reunions
DD-728 Norman Gheen PN3 1952 to 1953 NGheen21 (AT)  
DD-728 Bill Gosnell SN 09/60-08/62 cassidyrae1 (AT)  
DD-728 David Greenberg E-3 11/67-12/68 d.greenberg (AT) 1st Division. Would like to hear from shipmates.
DD-728 Thomas Gromlovits SN 03/69-3/71 gromlovits1 (AT) Deck hand-1 westpac-memorable life exp-enjoyed serving w/Capt Anderson-like to hear frm Harry Short RD3
DD-728 George Haberman FTG3 1/64 - 11/66 fishfarm62 (AT)  
DD-728 Elwood Hanchey MM3 1965-1969 robz69ss (AT) Home Phone 1-804-275-0402
DD-728 Charles Harman FT2 1955-1956 charman (AT)  
DD-728 Tom Harper ADJ3 4/66-4/69 tom5292 (AT)  
DD-728 Donald Harrington LT(jg) June 1952-May 1955 ltjgnavy (AT)  
DD-728 Daniel Hart FP3 1956-1960 hartd23 (AT) Still have my book from our cruse 1957 let me know if you remmber me princ e/taylor/and graves
DD-728 Robert Hawkins FN 1953 to 1955 Sinkwahgr (AT) Any of the aft. fireroom crew
DD-728 Robert W. Hewitt S1 1946 to 1947 robhew (AT) Anybody around from that time period? Remember Bob?
DD-728 Paul Hines Lt(jg) 1959 to 1961 pghines (AT) Gunnery Officer
DD-728 Ralph Hokanson SN 5/63-4/65 rhokie (AT)  
DD-728 Mike Holencsak SA 1969 to Decom gmh07036 (AT) Boarded Mansfield in Long Beach, Ca. After decommissioning transferred to USS Ramsey DEG2
DD-728 Kent Holmgren (swede) BT3 1961-1964 bt3swede (AT)  
DD-728 Ronald Hopkins MM3 2/68-2/71 pjh9979 (AT)  
DD-728 Ronald Hyers FT3 1/56-9/57 hytec999 (AT) looking for shipmates
DD-728 Dale Jaggars SK3 1962 to 1964 twopuut (AT) Home port was Yokosuka
DD-728 Stan Jaynes RM3/E-4 1965 to 1967 stan728jaynes (AT)  
DD-728 Gary Johnson MM1 1955-1959 garolcaryj (AT)  
DD-728 James Joplin MM2 09/69 - 10/70 jop (AT) MM2 Forward Engine Room
DD-728 Clifford L. Kahnk RD2 Nov 1955 until Mar 1957 clkahnk (AT)  
DD-728 Charles H. Kimball E-3 June-1966-Jan.-1969 reject1946 (AT) like to hear from old shipmates or any tin can sailors
DD-728 Everet (Vern) Kincheloe FTG3 1963 to 1964 lkinch (AT) Transferred to USS Dennis J. Buckley in 1964-served on the Buckley until I was selected for NESEP in 1966,
DD-728 Jerry Kirkendall MMFN 1965 t01966 GWK7930 (AT)  
DD-728 Robert Kirkhuff RM3 1965-1967 kirkhuff (AT) rkirkhuff (AT) (alternate email address)
DD-728 Bruce Kittredge BT3 Feb. 1952 - July 1952 chiefusn (AT)  
DD-728 Ronald Kostritza SN 3/59-1/60 stritz75 (AT) Radar striker, great wespac cruise, learned a lot
DD-728 Karl Kristiansen SA 10/65-6/66 kman (AT) USS Mansfield Website
DD-728 Randall Kuhn SFP2 Aug. 1965- May 1966 rgkuhn (AT)  
DD-728 John Ladany SN 2/52-11/53 ladanyjighow (AT) With two stars,it was a memorable experience.
DD-728 Jack Larson TMSN 1960 to 1962 bikndiv (AT)  
DD-728 James Laske BT3 1961 to 1963 Jim W. Laske/US/GM/GMC (AT) GM Will be at the reuion in Texas this year.
DD-728 Philip R. Leonard QM2 1963 - 66 seadragon79 (AT)  
DD-728 craig lindquist IC3 1970-1971  
DD-728 Orville Long SN1 44-46 hmagdinec (AT) Died 6/10/07. Have some pics of ship/shipmts-like to swap pics/see pics/hear frm anyone who served w/him or would just like to chat.
DD-728 James Long EM3 12/60-1/62 jwlbcl (AT) Got transferred to Nuke School
DD-728 William O. Lortz MML3C 1951-1952 Lortz (AT) Looking for Frank R. Givens.
DD-728 Merlin (Buddy) MaGouirk RD2 1955 to1959 budro1936 (AT) sailed with the best crew the Navy had.
DD-728 Gary Mapel BT2 1959 to 1961 mapelg (AT)  
DD-728 David Marcrum BTFN 1963-1965 dmarcrumsr (AT) My brother Bill served at the same time GMSN
DD-728 J. J. Marold ETN2 1/66 - 9/68 jjmarold (AT) Homeport was Yokosuka. Most of our time was on the gunline
DD-728 Richard Martin BT1 9/67-69 c-Pruitt (AT) I was top watch when Richard Archer killed and 16 injured by V.C. Artillery.
DD-728 David McClelland AT1 2/66 - 8/68 kaiaridge (AT) DASH crew
DD-728 Vanoy McFadden BT2 2/51 to 10/54 connie3292 (AT) Daughter's address-she will get me mail. Love to hear from U.
DD-728 Ron McGinnis RM1 68-72 annronmac (AT) Ship while patroling Cap-lay
DD-728 James (Jim) McInnis MM2 7/1964 to 6/1965 pacegame (AT) Had a blast and loved every minute of it. Sad to say the exposure to asbestos didnít help me later on in life.
DD-728 Franklin Miller SN 7/69-2/71 frank.miller (AT)  
DD-728 Franklin Miller, P.E SN 1969-1971 Frank_FMA (AT)  
DD-728 Jim Milton RD2 1955-1959 legar (AT) A lot of good people. Enjoyed everyday, LOL
DD-728 Jerry Mysliwiec FT2 60 to 63 jmysliwi (AT) I'm paralyzed from a stroke
DD-728 Dennis Nelson E-3 1965 to 1968 freetoroam2611 (AT)  
DD-728 Allen E. Nelson SN 1946 to 1949 Retiredff5 (AT)  
DD-728 Bill O'Neill RD3 11/69 - 02/71 wjo0729 (AT) Lots of great memories from that fine ship.
DD-728 Paul A. ''Pole'' Pawlak ETN3 12/57 to 7/59 pauleep (AT) WesPac 58--Bikini Tests--Can't forget Formosa Patrol
DD-728 James M. Penatzer TM3 1963 to 1965 martypenatzer (AT)  
DD-728 Frank Pershing RM3 9/65-12/68 n8diw (AT)  
DD-728 Ron Picard SM3 10/1954 to 01/1958 RJNDJ57 (AT) ICEHOUSE.NET Would like to email anyone that served at this time.
DD-728 Mike Quigley ADR2 02/66-12/66 mequigley41 (AT)  
DD-728 Greg Quinn SN 1969 to 1970 mighty quinn49 (AT) like to say hello to everyone hello captain anderson great serving with you
DD-728 Anthony Retton BM3 1944-45 anthonyretton (AT)  
DD-728 Bill Rhoten QM3 1950 to 1955 bjrhoten (AT) A bunch of good shipmates on board at that time and brave ..
DD-728 Billy Ringwald SK1 6/61 - 6/62 bringwald (AT)  
DD-728 Robert W. Rodenberger RM2 OC Div. 1963-1966 Deceased Died 05/09/09 of cancer in Lakeside, Ca
DD-728 Terry Rutis SFM3 1962 terryrutis (AT) transfer from DeHaven Dd 727 1962
DD-728 Dewey Saunders BTFM 6/52-5/55 A dates mansfield728 (AT) Loved that ship and a beautiful crew.
DD-728 Lee Scales SK1 7/66-4/68 lscales819 (AT) spent time in plot ctrl while on gun line-nt unt 6/07did I find name of shipmate(Archer MM2)lost-anyone vis his Lib?
DD-728 John Scheidt FN 6/61 8/63 arrs (AT) Both Forward & Aft Engine room Home port Japan
DD-728 Jerry Schulte RD3 1960 to 7/1962 jerschu52 (AT) Grants Pass, Oregon
DD-728 Larry Seymour YN3 5/57 - 12/57 ldseymour (AT) Eniwetok and 29 A-bomb tests. Unforgettable
DD-728 George G. Shattuck MM2 1960 - 1963 arl4104 (AT)  
DD-728 Harry L. Short RD3 68-70 vbfred (AT) Looking for contact with William J. O'Neill of Chicago, RD3
DD-728 Thomas Shugrue FN SNCS 9/54-56 shegrew (AT)  
DD-728 William Sloan FTG2 1964 to 1964 billsloan (AT)  
DD-728 William Spincola RM2 9/50 - 11/53 wspin66 (AT) this is my Dad, he ret from the Navy as a CPO in 1970, do an
DD-728 Gere Sprague BM2 01/62-09/67 gentgere (AT) Glad to hear from anyone that knew me.
DD-728 Bruce Starkey FT3 2/52 - 10/55 bestarkey (AT)  
DD-728 Milton Stephens SM2 7/68-3/70 miltstephens (AT) see kmans web site
DD-728 Donald Taylor RM2 1948-1951 Dondoesright (AT) Checkout the USS Mansfield web site. Good graphics and story
DD-728 Chester Temples BTC ? - 1960 WARCHIEF (AT) In memory of Chet, he passed away July 10, 1990
DD-728 Gary Thompson YN2 11/57 to 9/60 lithotom (AT) I was part of the flag/staff for the Commodore.
DD-728 Chauncey E. Torrence ENS, LCDR 8/42 - 9/47 dfrankt (AT) My father-from Sparta, IL-hope to hear from anyone who served with him, , especially the Anzio landing-Son David
DD-728 Robert (Bob) Tunstall MM2 1960-1964 robert.tunstall2 (AT)  
DD-728 Steven Turvey FN 9/69 - 2/71 seturvey (AT) Aboard night before 6-month WESPAC cruise! manned fwd eng rm throttles during firing of guns at coast of Vietnam!
DD-728 James Tyson MM1 9/49-7/51 jtyson6164 (AT)  
DD-728 Gary Vantress RD2 7/61-5/63 gevan (AT)  
DD-728 Joe Velkavrh RD2 66-68 joseph.velkavrh (AT) Best westpac tin can ever
DD-728 Clifton Wagoner CS3 10/67-2/71 aninerspapa2 (AT)  
DD-728 Gary Wigley MM/E-4 1965-1969 garywigley (AT) Aft Engine Room
DD-728 Cass Wilson STCS 05/66 - 08-68 casswilson1 (AT) Would like to hear from any Shipments who served while I was aboard.
DD-728 Wayne Wingrove BT3 1966 to1969 oldwayne1948 (AT) For Agent Orange info, VA has Mansfield in saigon river 8/8-8/1967-deck logs shows 1966-67 we were drydock
DD-728 William F. Wolper ET3 12/48 to 2/50 rangerbillw (AT) I hope the guys I served with have better memories than I do
DD-728 Lawrence Yoder BT2 1966-1967 LYods1 (AT) I was on board when Archer was Killed, in Nam
DD-728 Thomas York LT 10/66-8/68 tyork (AT) homeported Yokosuka but didn't see much of that port.
DD-728 Gary Ytreeide ETNSN 1959 to 1960 ytreeide48917 (AT) Was on the WESTPAC cruise in 1959. Transferred to the USS Trathen in 1960 when the Mansfield went into the shipyard for the DASH conversion.

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