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DD-684 James E. Allison RD2 1959-1961 jameseallison (AT) Would like to hear from all shipmates.
DD-684 Tom Andresky RD2 1966 - 1968 bluewaterpirate (AT) Retired in1998 oscm(sw)
DD-684 Bob Arndt SOGSN 68-68 aloma1 (AT) I was transfered onto her to make my last cruise to westpac.
DD-684 Thomas Arnold MM2 1959-1963 arnold270 (AT) Please contact me if you were in the same time I was. Was in the Aft engine room.
DD-684 Don Auer TM3 1964 to 1965 dauer (AT) Looking for Randy Bushaw
DD-684 Howard Austin BT3 1949 to 1952 ptaustin (AT) After Boiler Room
DD-684 Larry Austin EM3 1968- decommission laustin (AT) served on last wespac and decommission crew
DD-684 Paul Baker GMG3 01/67-05/68 pb_koopie (AT) Looking at 67 Westpac yearbook and would like to hear from the gun gang shipmates.
DD-684 Maurice Banks CPO 1951-55 cptmooney (AT) Korean War Vet & Plank Owner. Would like to hear from any ship mates
DD-684 James Barneburg EN2 1964 to 1966 tektah (AT)  
DD-684 Rodney Barnett SH3 12/60-3/64 rod_barnett (AT) Was ship's barber,would like to here from anyone aboard time
DD-684 Raymond Bassler BT3 1964-1965 rbassler66 (AT) looking for old ship mates
DD-684 Raymond Bassleruss BT3 8/64-4/65 rbassler66 (AT) she was a great ship
DD-684 John Bates SFP3 11/65-12/67 johnandcarla (AT)  
DD-684 Gary Bauman PN3 & Mailman 1957 to 1960 GARYFLY9156H (AT) 3 Westpac Cruises - I live in Des Moines Iowa - (515)278-4443
DD-684 Stanley Baziuk QM2 1967-1969 stbaz (AT)  
DD-684 Roy Beasley EN3 1966-1969 beasleyroy (AT) 3 westpacs would like to hear from all of you
DD-684 John W. Bedingfield BM3 11 / 1952 - 7 /1954 jbedingfield (AT)  
DD-684 James Bellotti SK3 2/67 - 1/69 jfbellotti (AT)  
DD-684 William Bird BMSN 1954-1958 barbnbill (AT) like to heard from anyone
DD-684 Thomas Bonnell   1950 kare115 (AT) this was my uncle - Did anyone know him? Looking for info
DD-684 John Bostelmann RM2 04/60 to 07/62 w0hfc (AT) Looking for Keith Wells (ET2) and Arron Dill (RD2) 1960 to 62
DD-684 Earl (Buzz) Brainard MM2 10/66 - 7/68 gram2jhbr (AT) Widow-Buzz died in 2009-great time while he was stationed there-love to hear from anyone who remembers us!
DD-684 Bobby Briggs GM3 1951-54 bsbbtx (AT)  
DD-684 Barry (Snake) Broadhurst MMFN 11/68 to decom bmb1949 (AT) Mac, Nunnie, Dirt, Dirusio, Smitty, anyone who might remember me
DD-684 Tom Brundage FTG2 3/62 12/64 brundagete (AT) Will be at Branson reunion
DD-684 John Burns     K.mannier (AT) John Burns is my father. He served on the Wedderburn during WWII.
DD-684 Albert Burns GMGC 1958-1963 alvira1930 (AT) I made Chief Gunners Mate on the Wedderburn.
DD-684 Hampton Callahan   1958-1959 hfr (AT) looking for memories of my father
DD-684 Emory Carlisle E-7 2/61-12/66 emocha (AT)  
DD-684 Frank Carlson   66-69 romo2 (AT)  
DD-684 Russell Everett Chase WTR3 12/43-1/46 scooty201 (AT) My grandfather-died in 98 at 79-left his ship memories to me (44-45 yrbk,photos,etc)-was very proud of his ship
DD-684 Robert Churchfield MM3 9/67 - 9/69 robert.churchfield (AT)  
DD-684 Harry Clapper     lc34982 (AT) Live in Fla.
DD-684 Frank Comeriato EM3 1952-1953 tincanfrank (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates from my time on board.
DD-684 Kenneth L. Coontz, II (son of) CO(Cdr.) 1966-68(SanDiego-Wespac) strongheart1947 (AT) Would love to hear sea stories/ ''We Aim To Please''
DD-684 Nick Corish FT3 3/51 to 11/54 nickcorish (AT) permission to come aboard
DD-684 E. L. Coward BM3 9/54-8/61 heaveout (AT) SHE RAN WITH THE BEST
DD-684 Art (Butch) Crawford MM3 6/65-10/67 SherryC11 (AT) Couch---Meluscky---Keller I live in CA.
DD-684 Dick D'Acri GMG2 66-68 RFDACRI (AT)  
DD-684 Francis B. Daniel LT(jg) 12/43 to 11/1944 frankdaniel (AT) Orders to report aboard on New Year's Eve 43-hurried to San Diego to find the Wedderburn still inot commissioned.
DD-684 Joe Dean RM3 11/65 to 10/66 jfd1945 (AT) Love to have shipmates contact me...Looking to update our information for the USS Wedderburn Association
DD-684 Rick Dias MR3 3/67-7/68 rickdias1 (AT) I have the 67 cruise book and can share those photos....
DD-684 Tom Dorgan MM2 1958 to 1961 tcdorgan (AT) would like to hear from shipmates
DD-684 Frank Dulin ET3 1963-1966 fdul (AT)  
DD-684 Stephen Duren SN 5/23/68 - 1969 dur (AT)  
DD-684 Paul Dymek SN 1959 lostthenfound_2000 (AT) would like to find old shipmates
DD-684 Lawrence Eastman PN1 2/68-10/69 leastman (AT)  
DD-684 John Edwards SK3 10/59 - 10/61 snotedwards (AT)  
DD-684 John Eichler RM2 1961 johneichler5298 (AT)  
DD-684 Robert Estes SO3 10/56-5/57 restes (AT) Great duty but got ill and transferred off in Japan.
DD-684 Tom Feagins FT2 1951 to 1954 tlnjk (AT) I'd like to hear from my old shipmates.
DD-684 Edward Fear EM2 6/64-7/67 edwardfear72 (AT)  
DD-684 J. R. Fetter SN 65-68 goji.4you (AT) 2nd Div Gunners-Mate yoman 66&67 Westpack cruise.=Awesome crew on DD684
DD-684 Eric (Rick) Feulmer ET3 1966-1968 efeulmer22 (AT) Had greatest time of my life. Looking for other ET's. Lester Jo Hawkins, Dick Lougher, Chevy Chavilier,
DD-684 Ernest Flament S1 1944-1946 Ernieflament (AT)  
DD-684 Howard N. Fulbright E-3 1960 to 1963 compute00 (AT) would like to hear from fellow shipmates
DD-684 Patrick Gaa SFP2 4/64 - 11/67 patrickgaa_1 (AT) Hope all shipmates are doing well.
DD-684 William Grant Gillespie FN 1952 - 1954 bgillespie3 (AT) Bob Patterson from Houston, TX are you out there, and Marty Martin...all my buddies from back then.
DD-684 Herman Gillotte, Jr. BMSN 1953 1955 kb0vfy (AT) looking for crew members 1953- 1955
DD-684 Robert Gilmore YN2 1965-1967 worldly (AT)  
DD-684 Albert Gladwin RD3 1966 - decom mjgcows (AT) Best crew in the Navy!
DD-684 Karl Goodson SM3 5/59 - 11/61 goodbldr (AT) served in 2nd div. & signal bridge, 2 cruises to westpac, it was a real adventure.
DD-684 Tom Gray SN 12/51-11/54 tomandfran10458 (AT) Getting old and feel like communicating with old shipmates.
DD-684 D. J. Green SN 1957 to 1959 djgreen1939 (AT) Like to hear from anyone going to reunion
DD-684 Neil Griffin ET1   spedeenedee (AT)  
DD-684 John Griffin BT3 1967 to 1969 gmg (AT)  
DD-684 Danny Griffis MM3 11/66-11/68 dgriffis (AT) Any shipmates still around?
DD-684 Jerry Grubbs RM3 1966-67 jerrygrubbs1 (AT) '67 WesPac Cruise; deckforce then radioman; Guido?
DD-684 Ryland Guay MML2 12/50-4/52 Guay (AT) After Engine Room shipmates drop a line
DD-684 Carlton Guyton TM2 1954-1958 jguyton516 (AT) Nickname Farmer
DD-684 David (Hack) Hackney ETR2 6/63 - 12/64 DD684 (AT) Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club 1964-love to hear from any Weedburner sailor.
DD-684 Edmond Haines RM3 09/59 - 3/62 bigguy2651 (AT)  
DD-684 Dennis Hansen RM3 8/66 - 1/68 dhan6414 (AT) WestPac '67 - On the gunline and Yankee Station
DD-684 Lee Harting DKG3 1950 to 1952 howell_trey (AT) I am his nephew and former USN, fellow shipmate
DD-684 Stephen Hatchel RD2 01/62 - 03/65 stehatchel (AT) Two WestPac cruises, would like to chat with shipmates
DD-684 Frank B. Hernandez SN 1951-1953 Franklotto (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates who served 1951-1953
DD-684 Bruce C. Hiatt QM2 1956-1959  
DD-684 Samuel Hightower MM2 1960-1961 hightowersc (AT) Aft engineroom personnel
DD-684 Neal Hinsch SN 1963-1965 nealoh44 (AT)  
DD-684 Jerry Howell RD2 2/64 - 7/67 howelljerry (AT)  
DD-684 Frank Howland EM3 4/50 4/52 ascrooge1 (AT) On board during Korean war.
DD-684 Doyle Hufstedler RD2 1962-1965 hwh684 (AT)  
DD-684 J. Max Hurley RD1 5/61 - 8/63 maxjoy (AT) Fine old ship. She sure could run.
DD-684 Daniel Hursh STG2 1963 to 1966 dhursh (AT) Weedburner was my 2nd of 7 ships (Go Arleigh Burke award!!)
DD-684 Paul Hutchinson BT2 1966 -1969 phutchinson (AT) i was the oil king
DD-684 Henry Janhsen QM3 3/67-7/67 henryj_tx (AT)  
DD-684 Kelly Jarboe MMFN 12/59-6-61 cobra44 (AT) Server in AFT Fireroom and FWD Engineroom
DD-684 Donald Jarboe FN 12/59 - 7/61 cobra44 (AT) Was assigned to Aft Fireroom, under BT-1 Thonmpson, and Main Control, under Pappy Summers MM-1
DD-684 Hal Judy LT(jg) 6/1954 - 6/1957 hajudy (AT)  
DD-684 James Kellam SM2 5/64-7/65 kellamjames (AT) homeported in jacksonville flordia these days.
DD-684 William D. Kennedy TM2 09/44-1946 chickasawwarrior (AT) This is my wonderful father. He passed on in 1988. WWII E-me
DD-684 Denman Kessler RD1 9/1963 - 11/1969 dennykessler (AT)  
DD-684 Bob Kintigh LT(jg) 3/44 -6/45 bobkin (AT)  
DD-684 Jack Kocher SA 68 - 69 gunner1999 (AT)  
DD-684 Roger Krummrich RD3 10/67-08/69 rkrum (AT) West Pac 67 & 68 (what a ride)
DD-684 Conrad Lach LT(jg) 6/1954 - 11/1956 condor3032 (AT)  
DD-684 Sid Lanier BM3 1968 t0 1969 llanierdd684 (AT) 2018 reunion @ Columbus, GA 10/18/2018, depart 10/22/2018 Hilton Garden Inn
DD-684 Joseph LaPlante MM3 1958 to 1961 lauranicole785 (AT) Looking for old ship mates!
DD-684 Arlos Ledbetter FT2 1951 to 1954 Aledbe1837 (AT) nickname ''Led'' until Charlie Ledbetter came aboard
DD-684 Ted Ledman SOG3 1/60 - 6/61 tledman (AT) Any 'Ping-Jockies' out ther still listening?
DD-684 Conrad Lee BT2 1959 to 1962 conradstpaul (AT)  
DD-684 William Leney LT(jg) 10/58-01/60 wleney (AT)  
DD-684 Bob Lininger SHSN 1959 - 1960 bnhpad (AT) ships barber - discharged on arrival S.D. Dec. 1960
DD-684 Robert Lowe RD2 11/50 to 3/52 slowe76 (AT) My father-died 1996-served onboard in Korea afr serving on USS Howard in WWII-love to hear from shipmates
DD-684 Willie Martin PN3 9/64 to 6/66 landmajor (AT) Tonkin Bay Yacht Club Two Vietnam Tours
DD-684 Joe Mathis SN 1958 bpsj (AT) This was my dad. He passed away 12/22/03
DD-684 Don Mayeux FTG3 1961 to 1964 dmayeux (AT) dd684  
DD-684 Donald McClemons SM1 6/68-9/68 dkmcclemons (AT)  
DD-684 Harry McCoy RD1 11/58-10/59 syc38 (AT)  
DD-684 Frank McDaniel GMG3 12/61 - 8/64 fmcdaniel (AT) Looking for Corey Beckman and Robert Fowler
DD-684 Jerry McGowan BT1   bamcgown (AT) Anyone remember Howell Hill, boiler tender nickname Wormy
DD-684 Frank McLean SM3 12/65 - 02/68 tincansigs (AT) Looking for Old Steaming buddies-Ron Clem, Mac (Robert McCarthy) and any others. -are you out there
DD-684 John F. McNaughton QMSN 1964-1965 jmcnaug714 (AT) Like to hear from shipmates
DD-684 Angel Mercado SN 1/67 - 4/68 pipo48 (AT) I worked in the laundry, I left after the westpac cruise..Volunteered for river boat service in Viet nam upon return
DD-684 Ronald Metcalfe MM3 11/65 to 8/69 RWMetcalfe5 (AT) Have mesothelioma from time on Webberburn-would love to hear from anyone-especially anyone in the aft eng rm!
DD-684 Joe Milam SN 1958-1959   phone 505-280-6289
DD-684 Raymond Milroy MM3 11/59 - 6/62 eve_creations (AT)  
DD-684 Claude (Mitch) Mitchell BM3 11/59 - 10/63 clamit2323 (AT) Would like to exchange pics & memories with old shipmates
DD-684 Walter Moffett TM2 1951 to 1954 moffett (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
DD-684 John Mohr BTFN 68-69 johnemohr (AT) was on last westpac looking for BT's from forward fire room
DD-684 George Morrison FT2 11/57 - 12/59 gem29 (AT)  
DD-684 Charles Moss SM2 1967 to 1969 cmoss50202 (AT)  
DD-684 Roy Moyers GM 1951- 6/54 uroy13 (AT) Want to say hello to all my mates.
DD-684 Robert C Nelson BT3 1962-1963 www.bbones3 (AT)  
DD-684 Mark Oeser MM3 9/52-6/57 midwatch0 (AT) Began nav career onboard in Yokosuka-this 17 yr old grew up onboard-also intro to real blue grrass music.
DD-684 Thomas Ogden FN 1966-1968 thomas (AT)  
DD-684 George 'Ole' Olsen SOG3 1964 - 1966 olevab (AT) FOX Div. - drop me an e-mail
DD-684 Dan Opie SFP3 1959-1962 dmopie (AT) Looking for old shipmates
DD-684 Jesus Gonzalez Ortega S2 1943 - 3/46 ? mortiz6 (AT) This was my father. Does anyone remember him?
DD-684 Bill Perry FC2 1944 bjpjri9c (AT) looking for ship's log book
DD-684 George Petermann EM2 2/52-6/54 grpetermann (AT) 17 years old when I came aboard, I grew up in a hurry. Great
DD-684 Bobby Phillips GM2 1956 - 1957 BOBNBRENDA (AT) would like to hear from shipmates
DD-684 James R. Phillips BT1 1951 - 1954 rphillips1205 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates.
DD-684 Robert (Peeps) Pieper FT2 1953-1955 bobpeeps (AT)  
DD-684 David Poole DK3 53-55 dpoole (AT) Would like to hear from old 684 ers
DD-684 Adrian Porras SN 1/62-7/63 apsr007 (AT)  
DD-684 Edward Porter BM3 1953-1955 esport (AT)  
DD-684 Gary Potter 3/c 1968-1969 nannap (AT) I would like to make contact with anyone on the Wedderburn
DD-684 Alfred Quiroz QM2 4/64-12/66 ajquiroz (AT)  
DD-684 Monty Ragar SFP3 8/63-11/66 mdragar (AT) Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me????
DD-684 Kent Rau BM3 1960 kentarau (AT)  
DD-684 Billy C. Reed RD3 1956-59 bkcf (AT) Llike to hear from any RD's I served with..I am also trying to locate Allen James Cunningham III, known as A. J.
DD-684 Tom Renshaw CS3 1953 - 1954 thomasrenshaw (AT)  
DD-684 Charles Reynolds E-6 1964 - 1966 reynolds9930 (AT) need to know if we stepped on shore in Vietnam. I did but need a witness
DD-684 Carlos Ricoy IC2 1961-1965 cricoy (AT) Would enjoy hearing from former shipmates.
DD-684 Charles Rogers   1952-1955 jaloroge (AT) Charles was my brother and died in 1983. Anyone remember?
DD-684 Alan Romans PN3 2/52-1/55 al (AT)  
DD-684 Harry Runyan HTC 2/66-11/67 zunkelrun (AT)  
DD-684 Bobby S.Briggs GM3 3-51 to 11-54 BriggsBbriggs (AT) 1213 Jackson St. Bowie TX. 76230 940-872-3879
DD-684 Dwight Sammons BT2 1966-1967 dwightkathy (AT)  
DD-684 Raymond Sartor RD3 1965 to 1967 ray.sartor (AT) I would like to get shipboard pictures, and to contact former shipmates
DD-684 Floyd Scudder GM3 1944 to 1946 jscudder (AT) anyone out there from my time? Smooth sailing!
DD-684 Joel Severance SN 1966 - 1967 jpseverance (AT) WESTPAC 1967-Ships Office-left from Denang for OCS, returned to Denang a year later on New Orleans LPH-11.
DD-684 O.D. Shearhart SH3 1953-1954 bridgeplug (AT) I have many scanned photos to share/trade of Old 1037
DD-684 Edward Shields MM2 63-66 easyed268 (AT) Would like to hear from Aft Eng Rm Snipes (63-66)
DD-684 Charles H. Sibley, II LT approx 1967-1968 sibleywa (AT) This is my Dad who is so very proud of the time he spent aboard. Please email as I know he would be thrilled to hear from anyone.
DD-684 Paul E. Sides SK3 1950 - 1952 bernifrost (AT) Would love to hear from shipmates.
DD-684 Lynn Silliman FN 1959 to ?? wobcf (AT) Does anyone know the whereabouts of Lynn Silliman or Sillman
DD-684 Alfred R. Silva SN 1952-1954 sawman2000 (AT) Looking for friends have Ship w/crew Hong Kong Harbor 1953
DD-684 Justin W Small YN2 11/63 to 10/65 justinw (AT) wish to talk to my shipmates
DD-684 Lorin Sowards GM3 1952-1955 no email address Love to hear frm Shipmates,esp Robert Beam & Ledbetter-addr: 1209 E Third Maryville,MO. 64468-pj 660-582-3445
DD-684 Edgar Spencer 1/c 1943 to 1945 rspenc2 (AT) My son's email address
DD-684 Jessie Steadman SN1 1958-1960 1-251-593-3477 deceased
DD-684 Norbert ''Buck'' Stefanak FP1 1951-1954 buckalou2003 (AT)  
DD-684 Delbert (Crow) Stephens FN 8/65 8/69 dr44 (AT) Like to talk to shipmates
DD-684 Jerry Stevens TM2 1961 N/A POBox 428 Oak Harbor, WA 98277
DD-684 James Stevenson PC3 1968-1969 jhstevenson_98 (AT)  
DD-684 John Stever GMG2 10/58-01/64 JohnStever (AT)  
DD-684 Wade Stone FTG3 1961-1964 wadestone (AT) I recognize about 10 names - gonna email you.
DD-684 Louis Synakowski FT3 1957-1959 synakowlou (AT) never had a bad day in the navy
DD-684 Merv Teitelman SK1 1950 - 1954 jacktitleman (AT) Deceased October 2005
DD-684 Harold S. Thompson BK/GM 1944 doesn't have one Just putting his name out there as he is still alive in Illinois, at age 85
DD-684 Sidney Thompson   5/49 - 7/50 kare115 (AT) This was my uncle, Does anyone remember him?
DD-684 Lewayne Thompson CDR 62-63 coweedburner (AT) you had to be there
DD-684 Evan W. Thompson III BTFN 9/55 5/59 imenigma (AT) it would be great to hear from some of the guys.
DD-684 Evan W. Thompson, III FN 9/55-5/59 theblot (AT) like to hear from shipmates
DD-684 Sidney Thomson   boarded 1941 Karenk302 (AT) Seeking information about my Uncle ,Sidney Thomson .
DD-684 Sidney Thomspon   Came aboard 5/49 karenk302 (AT) This was my uncle. Does anyone remember him?
DD-684 Lawrence Tomlinson MM2 1958-1962 tony (AT) FWD Engine Room
DD-684 David Topf LT(jg) 8/67 to 10/69 dwtopf (AT) I was the Supply/Disbursing Officer
DD-684 Gary Turntine SF1 10/67-9/69 gturntine (AT) Hope to hear from old shipmates.
DD-684 Edward Udhus RD3 1952 to1953 edudhus (AT)  
DD-684 Joseph Victor Vecsey SM unknown sharonvecsey-minor (AT) Active Duty 1937-1953, Reservist Instructor 1953-1960
DD-684 Bill Wade SFP2 10/66 thru decom wwade2921 (AT) my cruise books were lost in huricane Hugo and would love any photos anyone would like to share
DD-684 Roy Wade SFP2 1966 to decom wwade1 (AT) anxious to hear from old shipmates
DD-684 Ronald Walker FTG3 6/65-3/67 RonWridgerunner (AT)  
DD-684 Hank Wernau GMGS/N 1963-1965 cwernau (AT) Living in Maine. Any word on a reunion? todays date 2/7/10
DD-684 Harvey Whitcomb SK3 1954 - 1955 hbwhitcomb (AT) I would like to hear from the ship's cook, Duane Burton. Also my supply officer, Medley.
DD-684 Gerald ''Shorty'' Wilcox PO2 11-50 to 03/52 langs (AT) This was my wonderful father; passed away in 1972.
DD-684 Robert (Bob) Wilks DC2 1965 - 1969 wearout1 (AT) Would love to hear from old shipmates
DD-684 William Wilson GMG1 1961-1964 montanagrandma1 (AT)  
DD-684 Roger Young QM3 1967 - decomm ryoung2635 (AT) we have reunions = contact me!
DD-684 Stanley Zalenski   1958-1962 zalenskicontracting (AT) this was my dad, looking for some pictures of ship or him on board thanks
DD-684 Harold Zibell BT3 7/62-3/65 hlzusaret.7 (AT)  

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